Meshdynamics Company Information  
Executive Summary

Meshdynamics' technology expertise includes multi-radio mesh networking, extremely lightweight Internet of Things (IoT) protocols for simple devices, and Software-Defined Networking capabilities for large networks. The company is focused on high-performance wireless networking for IoT and enterprise applications with substantial patented and patent-pending Intellectual Property.

We bring value to Industrial OEMs with requirements for bringing IoT devices into larger enterprise networks coordinated with SDN, as well as Government agencies with security, monitoring, performance and surveillance needs for IoT devices at the edge of the network.

Meshdynamics has licensing partnerships with OEMs, enterprises, and government agencies with requirements to integrate very large numbers of sensors, actuators, appliances, and other machines at the network edge.

We are located in Santa Clara, California with software development teams in India. 

We are a UK, US and Canada government approved network equipment supplier.

CAGE Code 47W66. UEI CM3KJEVQDV59. SBC 002491091. DUNS 603023537. EIN 46-1618665. FIPS 140/2 certified.

Robotics and Supervised Autonomy Focus

Meshdynamics' founder Francis previously started Advanced Cybernetics Group.  ACG was contracted by the US Air Force and NIST to work on Supervised Autonomy for remote robots (telerobotics). When it became apparent that last mile connectivity had its challenges, Meshdynamics was formed to develop robust real-time connectivity solutions for semi-autonomous military machines.

In 2002, SPAWAR and USAF funded a multi-year NRE contract for us to develop a distributed, fault-tolerant device/protocol agnostic mesh control layer for use on edge military gear that included stealth “sensor dust”. 

Taking cues from Nature, our work began with tree-based control networks then moved to ants (mobility), pollen (broadcast storms for propagation) and finally birds (Chirp and Chirp protocols).   This journey is driven by  overlapping interests in Edge and Cloud.

1982-2002 Robots > +Sensors > +Tele-robotics > +Supervised Autonomy (Critics)
2002-2012 Time Sensitive Networks for remote machines (scalable mesh networks, Disruption Tolerance, Stealth)
2012-2022 Re-thinking the Internet of things, Proving Cloud Orchestration models

Quotes from Dual Use (Military and Commercial) OEM Customers

"Meshdynamics Scalable and Open Pub Sub enables us to rapidly integrate with Enterprise Class,  industry- standard messaging systems to provide assured real time end to end performance, even if we scale to millions of devices at the edge.” Curtis Wright, Space and Navy Warfare Center, US Navy. More

Meshdynamics’ propagator node software allows us to deploy WiFi networks today with minimal additional wiring and also incorporate emerging Internet of Things devices on the same infrastructure today and in the future.” Mr. Arai Yuji, GM, Communication Division, Sharp Electronics, Japan. More