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The Elevator Pitch 

Founded in 2002 and profitable since 2009, Meshdynamics is Silicon Valley based, with software teams in USA and India.

Meshdynamics' technology expertise includes multi-radio mesh networking, extremely lightweight Internet of Things (IoT) protocols for simple devices, and Software-Defined Networking capabilities for publish/discover/subscribe in IoT and enterprise networks. The company is focused on high-performance wireless networking for IoT and enterprise applications with substantial patented and patent-pending Intellectual Property. Unique value propositions include deterministic performance over many hops, robust and resilient outdoor networking topologies, and easier integration of legacy and emerging IOT.

We bring value to Industrial OEMs with requirements for bringing IoT devices into larger enterprise networks coordinated with SDN, as well as Government agencies with security, monitoring, performance and surveillance needs for IoT devices at the edge of the network. Meshdynamics has licensing partnerships with OEMs, enterprises, and government agencies with requirements to  integrate very large numbers of sensors, actuators, appliances, and other machines at the network edge. Such scalable, real time, mesh networks for industrial automation are mission critical for the Industrial Internet. 

Key patents awarded in scalable, fault tolerant, mesh networking and extensions for Internet of Things.  More

Meshdynamics Customers and Licensees    

Large system integrators and OEM licensees integrate our software into their solutions and products, e.g.:
--  US, UK, Canadian Defense & Homeland Security Agencies deploy our products along strategic national borders. More
--  US Army Vehicle mounted mesh nodes maintain connectivity between convoys  and soldiers in motion at 60 mph. More
--  US Department of Energy (DOE) employs FIPS 140/2 certified models in nuclear energy asset protection. More

--  MSHA approved Mesh Nodes operate at underground coal mining sites in Africa, Australia,  Canada. More
--  Professional Golfers Association (PGA) employs our nodes for their tactical network at events, since 2005. More

--  OEM software licensee Sharp Electronics extended our code base to develop a family of 6 radio mesh nodes.  More
--  OEM software licensee SPAWAR is implementing a disruption tolerant mesh network framework More.

What Makes Meshdynamics Different

Our nodes connect as logical branches of a tree. As in Nature, a tree based routing is scalable, efficient and deterministic.
The loss of one branch of the tree, does not cripple the entire network. Tree based networks are inherently scalable and self healing.  Our mesh nodes manage branches of the "tree", with added features to support mobility, diverse transceivers etc.

Our logical multi-radio backhaul ensures deterministic latency and jitter by eliminating both the bandwidth degradation effects of single radio backhauls and involuntary contention in multi-hop networks. Small packets (e.g VOIP) are supported efficiently through specialized "shuttles". This is  relevant to reliable, large scale, Machine to Machine (M2M) messaging for the edge of the network - where Internet of Things (IoT), resides.

A distributed control system, running on each "node", manages health of the network and clients. Nodes communicate through periodic "heart beats". The "heart beats" also supports real time publish and subscribe mechanisms. Periodic "shuttle" bus services provide periodic updates. "Apps" running on mesh nodes use these time sensitive M2M feeds to monitor and control the edge devices.

The software is radio-manufacturer independent, allowing the rapid addition of new radio frequencies, radio suppliers and new technologies. It can been upgraded to new  RF standards, as they become proven and commercially feasible. We currently support both legacy 80211abg radio modules and 80211ac/abgn 3 X 3 MIMO, for diverse customer throughput requirements.

  Meshdynamics Revenue Models

System integrators and OEM Source Code Licenses integrate Meshdynamics software into their solutions by purchasing:

1.  Mesh Nodes: The complete unit, with board, radios and outdoor enclosure, ready for deployment by system integrators.

2.  Mesh Engines: The board, radio and embedded code are sold as a unit. OEMs integrate the board into branded enclosures. 

3.  Code license: Source code for both Simulation and Embedded code is integrated into OEM designed products and solutions.
Meshdynamics works closely with our OEMs and software licensees to support specialized "apps", radios and protocols.
These include supporting a diverse (and growing) list of radios: 802.11abg 802.11ac, 802.11ah, Bluetooth, 802.15.4  Zigbee
  Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) Collaborations
The Robotics and Automation background of Founder Francis daCosta has influenced our interests in Internet of Things. 
In 2012, Intel sponsored Francis to author "Rethinking the Internet Of Things". It received the 2014 Dr. Dobbs Jolt Award.
Meshdynamics and our OEM licensees are currently developing scalable, secure approaches to managing their network "Edge".
Applications on the mesh nodes monitor and control enterprise assets at the network edge. Data is analyzed and strategies are devised to automatically tune performance for The Abstracted Network for Enterprises and the Internet of Things

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