Chirp Reference and Citations

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Soft ChipTM  - Enterprise  Imprinted Sensor Patches -> Make Data Logs -> Deliver to Carrier Pigeons -> Cloud  -> Edge Intelligence Links below relate and support the rationale behind Cloud->Edge thinking and its Soft ChipTM embodiments.

A. How SDN and Distributed AI redefine thinking about Cloud->Edge Connectivity.
 1. Glossary. for what is meant by  Ants Chirps Edge Orchestration Pigeons Provenance etc.
 2. One Page. Executive Summary. How low power Edge devices engender Massive IoT  
 3. Primer and Slides. Describes Reprogrammable Ant-like actionable Edge Intelligence
 4. Soft Chips. Family of radio hardware and protocol agnostic  multi-use sensor packages. 

B. Previously Published on Rethinking the Internet of Things and related Blogs.
 1. Small Dumb Cheap Copious Benefits of Massive IoT, Published 2016 PDF
 2. The Abstracted Network for the Industrial Internet Rationale for Cloud Driven SDN
 3. Cloud Orchestration related FloodingAnimation.pdf & AnimationCollabScheduling.pdf  
 4. Rethinking-Internet-Of-Things-Book  Also: Blog , Jolt Award  ,  Amazon Reviews
 5. Think like an Ant. See also Deterministic finite automation. Purpose built machines
 6. Open Source for IoT and Scalable IoT cover lightness & Elegance of Pollen (and Chirps).

C. Exemplary Edge->Cloud IoT (Apple, Amazon) - can be extended to Global Scale. 

 1. Making 5G NR a reality. Qualcomm © 2018. See Fig. 3, Challenges of “Massive IoT”
 2. Apple’s Air tag. Operates in its trusted communities, see Also Gear Patrol article.
 3. Amazon Sidewalk Trusted communities using TI chipsets for Sub 1GHz longer range
 4. Amazon IoT Core Exemplary, potential, Globally relevant PaaS service provider
D. Related to Security, Authentic Lifetime Provenance Chains ("Imprinting").

 1. Zero trust Security Model. Business is war watered down. Now Globally Relevant.
 2. Man in the Middle Attack, see also MAC Spoofing and Hidden Node Problem
 3. Ground truth based on trusted sensors and corroborated PHY-PHY link connectivity.
 4. How do MAC Spoofing Attacks Work, endemic to all MAC (UUID) based edge connectivity.
 5. End to End Encryption See also Zero trust. Essential to military level security.
 6. CHIPS Initiative - "integral to America’s economic and national security".
 7. Imprinting - as part of Cloud managed provenance chaining PDF
 8. Provenance. Needed to establish or certify where natural resources came from.
 9. Friend to Friend Networks See also Pub/Sub and Logically Contiguous Clouds.
10. Flooding heartbeats sent to other nodes to build out routing tables, etc.

E. COTS Technologies for Soft Chips Data work flow paradigms (see Cloud->Edge thinking).

 1. Radio chirp data incorporated in an MQTT environment 433 MHz radio & Raspberry PI. PDF.
 2. Software Defined Networking (SDN.) See also Distributed AI  and Software Defined Radio.
 3. Free RTOS. Exemplary Low power OS. Widely used. Minimal Version for Soft Chips
 4. Comparing MQTT Brokers for the Industrial IoT (SCADA -> Pub/Sub -> Cloud Services.)
 5. Top 15 SCADA Companies in the World (SCADA Solutions connect Edge IoT to the Cloud.)
 6. 18 Wireless Modem Manufacturers in 2023 (Sensor -> Wireless Modem -> SCADA.)
 7. Top-10-PaaS-providers-and-what-they-offer-you Platform as a Service (PaaS) Providers. 
 8. TI Low power Sensor controller (Video) and Sensor Controller Studio. Imprinting code. 
 9. Texas Instruments CC1125 low cost wireless modem, fractional dollar in volume.
10. Sub 1 GHZ Bands – (Longer range, Sparse RF, Cloud Managed.) Related: Sidewalk
11. Diversifying the IoT with Sub-1 GHz technology See also CC1310 MCU and Tutorial
12. UART: A Hardware Communication Protocol – extensible for diverse chirp protocols.
13. Radio-frequency identification (RFID). RFID++ in an active ID tag. See Provenance.
14. What is Pub/Sub Pub/Sub Messaging within Enterprises, see also MQTT, AWS IoT-Core
15. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Relevant to Networks for Logistic Supply chains.
16. The Importance of Network Addressing and How It Works Unicast, Multicast explained. 
17. Protocol Framing Since no central standards adherence needed, this is now as needed.
18. Frequency hopping combined with temporal keys and private schedules for security.
19. WhatsApp Private messaging within friend-to-friend networks. Globally Ubiquitous.
20. Machine Learning Made Faster and More Efficient. Engenders shared Edge Intelligence 

F. MAC  or UUID based IoT Radios and Protocols  at the "Edge"  (see Edge->Cloud thinking)

 1. Inexpensive Low Data Rate Links for the Internet of Things. See Table at end
 2. Low Power Wireless Technologies for Your Future Device Typical Selection Guide
 3. Bluetooth & BLE 2.4GHz congested, low range radios supported by phones. Consumer IoT.
 4. IPV6 Packet Header. Why IPV6 sender oriented messaging is heavy. See Also OSI
 5. CSMA/CA and OSI and DCF. Why MAC-based protocols are inherently inefficient and heavy.
 6, Machine to Machine (M2M) Intentionally succinct and purpose driven. See Cryptic.
 7. Radio Frequency Interference The core reasons for CSMA/CA  OSI  DCF and MAC
 8. Back Off devices must be polite -listen first and wait for silence before talking.  
 9. BLE Indoor Intelligence BLE for Indoor Asset location tracking with IBeacons

G. Robotics and Supervised Autonomy for Dual Use.  See Also Advanced Cybernetics Group.

 1. Unified Tele-robotics Architecture Program Video on Supervised Autonomy (Transcript)
 2. Environment For Programmable Automation Supervised Autonomy. Domain Specific Critics.
 3. Adaptive Robotic Systems Supervised Autonomy for Sensor Guided Tele-robotics.
 4. Military Mesh Networks Supervised Autonomy for remotely managed sensor guided machines.
 5. High Performance Wireless Network using Dist. Control. 2003. Hybrid Mesh Architectures
 6. Email based Thin Devices. 2002 Store-Forward as carrier pigeon, see also Slides
 7. Soft Chips Processor. First attempt at applying Critics Distributed AI approach. 
 8. Francis_Bio. related to Robotics and Remote Machine networks, see also LinkedIn
 9. Supervised Autonomy: Why It Will Shape The Human-Robot Workforce Of The Future (Forbes)
10. DoD SBIR 2023.4 Chirp_Proposal_Stub  Related:  GreyNet_Protected_Core_Network
11. Distributed Artificial Intelligence. Basis for Supervised Autonomy at remote Edge.
12. Swarm Intelligence small dumb cheap copious - can form super colonies - Massive IoT.
13. Deterministic Finite Automata Trusted Specific Purpose behaviors. See also Ants