Manuals, Guides, Technical Publications, Patents
A.      IoT and IIoT related publications on "Chirp" networking and "SmartNetworks:

A01  The Abstracted Network for IOT. Managing IoT edge devices (Industrial internet). 
A02  Small Dumb Cheap Copious - The Future. Conference Presentation. Related to A01.  
A03  Net-Of-Things-Blog  Musings about a Nature based approach for IOT.
A04  Rethinking the Internet of Things. Related: 2014_Jolt_Award and Amazon_Reviews
A05  Chirp Landing Page. Related to low cost low power last mile "Edge" connectivity.   

B.   Industrial Internet of Things presentations, See also SlideShare 

B01  The Abstracted Network for Enterprises and the Internet of Things. (Web page)
B02  The Abstracted Network for Enterprises and the Internet of Things. Presented Paper 2016.
B03  Meshdynamics Disruption Tolerant Networks   Hardware Embodiments for Military 2015
B04  Rethinking The Internet of Things-Blog  Blog Posts 2012 - 2014 Transcript
B05  Rethinking The Internet of Things-A scalable Approach to Connecting Everything-Book. PDF
B06  Francis daCosta Rethinks the Internet of Things  ZDNET 2014, Also Recorded Pod cast.
B07  Small Dumb Cheap Copious - The Future of the Internet of Things. IIoT Consortium Presentation
B08  Scalable Internet of Things IIoT Conference Presentation 2015
B09  Industrial Internet Solution and Challenges, Intel Key Note Presentation, Courtesy Intel Corp.
B10  IoT Calls for Simpler Protocol EETimes. Also IoT Needs Open Discovery Scheme Chirp Protocols 
B11  Guide to Internet of Things 2016. Enterprise Class Industrial Mesh Networks for IIoT
B12  Real Time Pub/Sub Objectives Topic based Pub/Sub for Propagator Apps on Network gear.. 
B13  Network Simulator User Guide  Digital Clone Tuning to drive Chirp schedules and patterns.
B14  Network Layout Primer  Simulation of scalable mesh networks for Military, see US 7,420,952
C.    Publications. Scalable Mesh Network Architecture Implementations.      
C01  First, Second and Third Generation Mesh Networks  How Meshdynamics is different Web  
C02  Military Mesh Networks   Overview of MD4000 nodes' Hybrid and P3M capabilities. Web
C03  Miners give a nod to Nodes. Reprint from Mission Critical Magazine July 2008.   Web  
C04  Smart Multi-GridTM Mesh Network: supports smart grid/AMR, internet access and traffic safety. Web
C05  Hybrid Mesh Networks for Force Protection  Incorporating 1-radio nodes in Structured MeshTM 
C06  VOIP and VIDEO on a City wide scale Meshdynamics patented VOIP Concatenation Engine explained.
C07  VLAN and Security Primer  Generic 802.11a/b/g Security Tutorial including WPA, AES.
C08  Wireless Mesh Networking - The Third Generation. Reprint from IT Magazine, March 2008. 
C09  Disruption Tolerant Mesh Networks Machine controllers in nodes maintain base-level performance.
C10 Challenges in 802.15.X mesh networks Introducing Toll Cost & Hop Cost, Dynamic Beacon Alignment.

D.   Mesh Node Installation and configuration, NMS Manuals et al.  
D01  MD4000  Product Brochure. MD4000 model family configuration options.                             Video 
D02. MD4000  Product Training Slides. Overview of Meshdynamics Product Family Features.    Video  
D03  MD4000  Product Warranty. For Modular Mesh EULA software license agreements.
D04  MD4000  Installation Guide. Guidelines on network deployment, range calculations etc.  Video
D05  MD4000  NMS User Guide (101)   Version 10.1 Instructions on configuring settings.            Video
D06  MD4000  NMS User Guide (110).  Version 11.0  for MIMO 80211abgn and 80211ac 
D07  Mesh Node  Maintenance. Diagnose and replace radio cards etc.
D08  Meshdynamics RF Editor  Custom channels, 4.9GHz channels, channel bonding.                    Web
D09  Meshdynamics  Best Practices. Expressly written for Meshdynamics System Integrators.   Video 
D10  MD4000  Mesh Commands  CLI to Mesh Control Layer for a/b/g radios 
D11  MD6000  Mesh Commands  CLI to Mesh Control Layer for a/b/g/n/ac radios 
D12  System Integrator Check List & NMS Download. Antenna selection, range calculations.      Video
D13  Mesh Network  Layout Design. Estimating range and throughput, Layout considerations.  Video  
D14  Dynamic Channel Management   Overview of our Dynamic Channel Allocation Scheme.
D15  Backhaul Range   Access Point Range  and  Antenna Alignment. Range Calculation Related..    
D16  Mobility  P3M Manual  Mobile and Dynamic mesh formation, dispersal and coalescing.  Animation
D17  Mobility  P3M Scan Algos  Customizable Algorithm for parent selection using Scanner radio.

E.     Blog posts On Chirp based "thin" Edge IIoT , Related    Chirp Landing Page
E01  08.07.12   It's Different Out Here
E02  08.09.12   Forget Equality
E03  08.15.12   Not a Stack, a Crowd
E04  08.22.12   Organize Among Yourselves! 
E05  08.29.12   Talk (Should Be) Cheap
E06  09.05.12   Think Like an Ant
E07  02.28.14   Writing the Book on the IoT
E08  09.11.18   Change is Natural, Collaboration is Next
E09  09.20.18   Making Tree Topologies Dynamic 
E10  09.28.18   Saying Controversial Things Again!  
E11  10.03.18   Critics from the Past Smarter Simulation
E12  10.29.18   The Fifth Generation
F.   Intellectual Property (Tree based dynamic topologies, Chirp protocols, Propagator Networks)
F01  09.02.08  US 7,420,952   High Performance Wireless Networks Using Distributed..  Mother Patent
F02  09.01.09  US 7,583,648   Managing Jitter and Latency in Wireless LANs Real time Terse messaging.
F03  02.08.11  US 7,885,243   High Performance Wireless Networks Distributed Control  Mother - Cont
F04  02.22.11  US 7,894,385   Mobility Extensions for Wireless Multiple Radio Mesh see P3M
F05  06.11.13  US 8,462,747   High Performance Mesh Networks- Switch Stack Paradigm Tree networks
F06  07.02.13  US 8,477,762   Self Forming VoIP Networks Disruption tolerant network services for Voice
F07  08.20.13  US 8,514,852   Real Time Packet Transforms To Avoid Re-Transmissions For Video
F08  08.27.13  US 8,520,691   Persistent Mesh for Isolated, Mobile and Temporal. see P3M
F09  12.30.14  US 8,923,186   Chirp Networks Logical radios and bridging for IOT
F10  03.10.15  US 8,976,733   Persistent Mesh for Isolated, Mobile. Disruption tolerant, self healing.
F11  04.28.15  US 9,019,956   Self Forming VoIP Networks Disruption tolerant network services
F12  06.02.15  US 9,049,000   Real Time Packet Transforms To Avoid Re-Transmissions  For Video
F13  10.27.15  US 9,172,738   Collaborative Logistics Ecosystem: Dynamic Scheduling over thin pipes
F14  02.09.16  US 9,258,765   Chirp Networks Logical radios and time sensitive networks for IOT
F15  06.07.16  US 9,363,651   Chirp Networks Real time mesh networks for M2M and Industrial Internet
F16  08.07.17  US 9,730,100   Terse Message Networks Real time, M2M communications network.
F17  11.14.17  US 9,819,747   Chirp Networks Real time publish-subscribe for terse M2M messaging
F18  09.22.20  10,785,316B2   Evolutionary Wireless Networks Fast Topology reform, tuning simulator.
F19  06.21.22  11,368,537B2   High Performance Wireless Network. Claims modification of US 7,420,952