Meshdynamics NMS Download and System Integrator Check List
      Private networks for Outdoor Mobile Machinery   

Please Click on the YouTube Video Tutorials (above).

SECTION A  Network Manager Download Executables (Windows)

Information on MD4000 and MD1000 Network Monitor, Configuration and Updating Front End is on NMS Product Page 

a.  Download Link for NMS Manager Windows executable [version 9.0.6]  and  Version 9.X User Guide 
b.  Download Link for NMS Manager Windows executable [version  10.1, BETA] and  Version 10.X User Guide
c.  Download Link for Oracle Java 1.7 JRE needed for 10.1 Beta: REQUIRED FOR Java Based NMS TO RUN.

01. NMS is NOT needed for the mesh to run. The mesh forms independent of an NMS.
02. NMS IS needed to configure nodes,  view the network, run performance tests and manage node firmware upgrades.
03. NMS download includes the network management software (as self installation executable) and user manual.
04. NMS Training Videos and slides are on the Tutorial and Support pages.  Email: 
05. NMS JAVA API is here:
06. NMS Source code and application extension development support available to OEM source code licensees.

SECTION B. System Integrator User Guides, Manuals and Tutorials

Please begin with the Video Tutorials on the Tutorials page, for an overview.
Next, please review FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions) and links on Sections B, C of the Support Page.

01. MD4000  NMS User Guide.  Version 10.1 Instructions on configuring security, VLANs, 802.11e settings. Video
02. MD4000  Layout Design. Estimating range and throughput, Layout considerations.  Tutorial Video  
03. MD4000  Installation Guide. Guidelines on network deployment, antenna selection, range calculations etc. Video
04. MD4000  Best Practices.. Guidelines on channel selection, antenna placement etc.


SECTION C. Check List of Suggested Items needed before an Installation 

01. POE Adapter  
-- Purchased Separately. Power connection on 4/5 (+)  and 7/8 (-) 

02. Mobility Antennas Backhaul 5.8GHz. 
-- All 5.8 Antennas should be FULL RANGE  (5.1G - 5.8G).  See  SPDJ8O or SPDJ60P  
-- Range Estimation Sheets: 8 Db Range Estimate (54 Mbps)  8 Db Range  Estimate (24 Mbps
03. Static Node Backhaul 5.8 GHz.
-- High gain sectored antennas provide more range: 16 Db Range Estimate 54 Mbps  
-- SuperPass sectored and panel antennas are listed here. See also  SPPJ19, SPDN8W , SPDN8E, SPDN8S
-- See Layout Design Suggestions for Antennas types  in some typical installations: MD4000 Layout Design.
04. 2.4GHz Client Access Antennas.
-- If your model configuration uses a 2.4G backhaul, the SuperPass SPDG16O is suggested. 
-- Note: Antennas for 11b/g service should be based on down tilt and beam width explained in installations Manual.
05. Low Loss RF cables.
-- The connectors on are N-FEMALE. HyperLinkTech N Male-Male Adapter   Cable Assemblies
SECTION D. Optional Items (Occasionally Required for Custom Installations)

01. Replacement Plastic covers on unused N-Female connectors McMaster Part: 9753K44
02. Antenna Lighting protection and Line Data Lightning protection
03. Portable inverters, Battery backup units, 24V power supplies from Xantrex.
04. Outdoor POE equipped with lightning surge protection, Martek Power.
05. 24VDC POE with Street Light Adaptor. Fisher Pierce Model # FP287  Note: Request 24VDC. 
06. Solar Powered UPS support Request 24VDC