Meshdynamics Customers and Partners  

Our Customers: 

Our customers are Large Outdoor Enterprises (e.g. Mining, Military) requiring performance over multiple hops, noise free voice and video  Our OEM software licensees support large scale  military, mining, video surveillance and tactical networks

Meshdynamics' Modular Mesh Family addresses these types of mission critical mesh networks:

 1. More than a few hops. This patented two radio back haul scales to 64+ hops in mining tunnels
 2. Mobility e.g. convoys or swarms traveling at 50 mph providing jitter free video, VOIP.
 3. On board intelligence in routers to autonomously control machines operating remotely.

Exemplary Deployments:
. US, UK, Canadian Defense & Homeland Security Agencies deploy us on strategic national borders.  More
. US Army Vehicle mounted mesh nodes maintain connectivity between convoys  in motion at 60 mph.  More
. US Department of Energy (DOE) employs FIPS 140/2 models in nuclear energy asset protection.     More
. MSHA approved Mesh Nodes operate at coal mining sites in Africa, Australia,  Canada.            More
. Professional Golfers Association (PGA) employs us for tactical network at events, since 2005.   More
. Sharp Electronics extended our code base to develop a family of 6 radio mesh nodes.             More
. SPAWAR, U.S. Navy, has implemented a disruption tolerant network for military machines.         More

Independent Verification of Meshdynamics claims.

Battelle Institute Evaluation Report evaluates competitive wireless mesh networking providers.

NPS Report field results by Naval Postgraduate School. Tests in USA and Thailand (COASTS).

"Modern warfare is network centric". Robust communication with IP based devices is key.     Web
"Miners Give a Nod to Nodes"  Meshdynamics nodes are operating in tunnels 64+ hops deep.    Web

Remote Video Surveillance Meshdynamics deployed by governmental agencies in UK, US, Canada. Web

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