Meshdynamics Customers and Partners



Superior Performance Validated By USA Defense and Homeland Security Agencies

MeshDynamics customers require performance over multiple hops, noise free voice and video and rapid mesh formation with high speed mobility nodes. Applications include: underground mining and industrial, video surveillance and homeland security

Meshdynamics outperformed the competition on multiple competitive bake offs. Scenarios tested included high resolution video streams from stationary and mobile cameras. Both mobile-to-static node and mobile-to-mobile data flow were tested.
Battelle Institute Evaluation Report evaluates multiple wireless mesh networking providers. In each test category, Meshdynamics out performs the competition - more hops, better throughput and latency, robust mobility etc. NPS Report 

Modern warfare is network centric. Robust communication with IP based devices is key. This creates expectations of high performance over many hops, supporting static and mobile mesh nodes in one secure framework. Webpage
Miners Give a Nod to Nodes  Mines and industrial sites are increasingly more networked. Emerging safety requirements demand real-time wireless communications for voice and data. This create expectations of high performance over many hops: Meshdynamics nodes are operating in tunnels 64+ hops deep. Webpage

Remote Video Surveillance Meshdynamics MD4000 nodes are deployed by governmental agencies in UK, US, Canada for perimeter security. Competing Mesh products generated unacceptable bandwidth loss, latency and jitter. Webpage

USA Government Approved System Integrators and Technology Partners

Learn more about using our software or products in your solution offerings: NMS Download and System Integrator Check List 

Azure Solutions
Azure Solutions, based in Michigan, provides Meshdynamics solutions to clients in government, mining and enterprise markets. They support US DOE installations using FIPS 140/2 mesh nodes.
Benison Technologies, India
Benison Technologies, India, offers NRE Services for our OEM Software licensees. This includes low level MAC abstractions  for custom radio interfaces and NMS Java code extensions.
Gateworks Corp
Gateworks, based in California, designs and manufactures custom Embedded Hardware for our  OEM licensees. Meshdynamics customers have used Gateworks boards since 2002.
Solutek, Australia
Solutek, Australia, has extensive experience in process control automation and industrial networks.
Space and Naval Warfare Center is a Department of the Navy Working Capital Fund Engineering Competency. They has extensive experience in robust Command & Control, Situational Awareness, ISR system supporting Federal Agency tactical edge/Enterprise C4ISR requirements. 
Tactical Micro delivers turnkey system integration solutions for military applications involving static and mobile systems for the US Army.  Meshdynamics "On Target" for Military Vehicle Video