Resilent Wireless Networks For The Industrial Internet

Above: The Smart "Wire-less" extension cable concept, connecting stationary and mobile assets seamlessly.

The Industrial Internet mandates a real time (isochronous) wireless network capable of many hops.

Meshdynamics' unique field tested meshing capabilities keep both stationary and mobile machinery and operators connected at all times. Extensive customer supervised field tests confirmed glitch free video and sensor streams between vehicles. The machines may be mobile and may need to be part of a dynamic mobile mesh network.  The stationary nodes may be stand alone, as shown above, powered by battery and solar panels. The network is formed within minutes of powering up the nodes. The mobile units are portable may be taken down at the end of the activity and transported to another site. These characteristics may it ideal for impromptu mesh network set up and tear down.   

In other applications, the mesh network uses stationary nodes to form a backhaul infrastructure with mobile nodes used to extend the network where needed. This is relevant to outdoor industrial automation situations such as oil and gas. Meshdynamics is also used in military environments where real time SCADA communications are needed to operate in  harsh or disruptive environments.

Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) Collaborations.
Meshdynamics and our licensees are jointly developing scalable approaches to managing the network "Edge". Applications on mesh nodes monitor and manage enterprise assets at the edge. Data is analyzed in the cloud. Strategies are devised to automatically tune performance for the networked control system: supervisory cloud controller, node resident real time control and monitoring applications, and a plethora of IP and Non IP based end IOT  "edge" devices. 

Machine controller applications in mesh nodes orchestrate local and remote (supervisory) control loops.
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