Customizable Mesh Network Management Software  
OEM Customizable Network Management System (NMS).

The Network Management System (NMS) provides the ability to configure, monitor and analyze the MD4000 mesh network. Based on Java technology, the NMS runs on any PC with the Java runtime environment. MD4000 nodes appear as graphical widgets with multiple LED status indicators, allowing point-and-click management of the units. The status window on the bottom window reports the current state of all nodes based on their recently received heartbeat. Heartbeat data includes transmit rate, signal strength, board temperature, packets moved etc. The left hand side properties window provides detailed information for a selected node including AP client activity.

Sample Screen Shot of Meshdynamics Network Management System (NMS).   Free Download   User Manual

 Extensible Feature Set Support: 

Step by Step instructions (in both video and document format) cover all aspects of Mesh Node configuration e.g. setting parameters for Security, VLANs, 802.11e based QoS. 802.11e ensures timely delivery of video and VOIP over wireless. A command line interface is also available for advanced users and script developers. Feature set extended by OEM Licensees.


 Mesh Network Topology Views show current and back up routes, RF status information

OEM Licensee Application Support

The NMS at its core is a headless Java Engine  and the API supports both JavaScript and Java for automation scripts, packet analysis and third party application integration. For example, custom application software on mesh nodes polls sensors via the serial line interface on the node. The sensor data is processed in the node and then routed across the mesh. The processed data is recorded in a remote database. See Also: Scalable Network Management (video).

Radio Frequency (RF)  Interference Maps

The NMS also provides a comprehensive view of the Radio Frequency (RF) space. The RF instrumentation built into each MD4000 unit shows how saturated or busy the medium is. The NMS displays details of the number of networks, the saturation level for each frequency. Network-wise medium usage is also displayed for each frequency. [Image Of RF saturation]

GPS Radio Based Asset Location Tracking

MD4000 mesh nodes may be equipped with a GPS receiver. The GPS information is integrated into the NMS. The location of Mobile Mesh Nodes equipped with GPS will be automatically updated with each heart beat. The NMS uses maps imported from and dynamically manages the background image movement to ensure that current locations are correctly depicted)  [The GPS radio does not use a radio slot -  up to four radio cards are still supported in each node]. 
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