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orange boxMILESTONES 1992- 2005

Advanced Cybernetics Group was founded in 1992, to develop distributed and adaptive control systems for mission critical military applications. These systems exhibit modular, scalable, extensible and self healing characteristics, essential for the harsh and hostile environments they are deployed in. 
1992-1998, ACG was awarded multiple phase contracts by the US Air Force (USAF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop software for mission critical systems operating in dynamic, hostile, environments. [ACG YouTube Video]
During this time ACG also productized the framework for these adaptive, self healing and self learning distributed control systems. We developed and licensed factory automation solutions to Abbott, IBM, Babcock and Wilcox, Ingersoll-Rand, Komag, Motorola, Seagate etc.  [Permitted Disclosures
1998-2001. Scalable, distributed control methodologies were applied to automate parallel context driven web search. Knowmadic was founded in 1998, to commercialize software for automated extraction of "salient" snippets from multiple web sites.  Artificial Intelligence techniques were deployed to lock on to formatting, structure and content cues and accurately locate target snippets. Enterprise clients included Citibank, Chase, Enron, Fidelity, Hambrecht & Quist, TXU, etc.  [Knowmadic YouTube]
A distributed control approach was applied to wireless last mile connectivity, specifically at the edge of industrial and military mobile networks. A scalable, distributed architecture was devised that supported both single and multi-radio mesh networking in one interoperable, collaborative framework. At its core, it is a wireless analogy to (wired) Layer 2 switch stacks. These wireless versions of switch stacks exhibit unprecedented scalability and self healing capabilities. [MeshDynamics YouTube]
Advanced Cybernetics Group is a private minority owned small disadvantaged business (SDB). 
We are an approved US Department of Defense contractor. References are available.  

For more information, please contact Francis daCosta, Founder and CTO.  Contact Us 

"ACG's technology could close the rift between hardware & software engineers by enabling them to use the same high level language to describe their designs." 

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