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. Permitted disclosures are representative of other application specific solutions, we have developed.
. Industrial Robot programming products have been acquired by Adept Technology [Press Release].
. Representative Contracts from United States Government : YouTube Video  (10:00 min).   
orange box Adept Technology "Adept Technology, Inc., a world leader in the factory automation industry, today announced with Advanced Cybernetics Group (ACG) a software development agreement that will greatly increase software applications and utilities for the Adept MV Controller. Under the terms of the agreement, Adept will utilize the resources and support services of ACG to create developmental software for Adept's operating system."  Charlie Duncheon, Vice President, Adept Technology, Inc.

orange boxBabcock & Wilcox "I was impressed by how quickly we prototyped a working system. We subsequently modified that system considerably as we went through a number of design iterations. The ACG team stayed in step all the way, enabling a very high communications bandwidth between us. They worked on weekends and late evenings to make sure that the changes we agreed on were implemented in time for further testing. As a result of this team effort, we have a sophisticated, distributed real time motion coordination system for the robots" [More] Marty E Kline Project Manager, Babcock & Wilcox

orange boxIBM " the Small Disk Automation (SDA) Project has been completed in the lab and is being installed on the line. It was quite a challenging task for ACG to write this software in such a short time to meet IBM's very aggressive schedule. We, at IBM, appreciate their dedication and pride to make this happen." [More] Hong Seing, Senior Engineer, IBM, MTC, Boca Raton

orange boxHutchinson Technology "This was the first time HTI had embarked on working with an external software vendor developing software for a machine which was being designed and built in-house. The machine comprised of 6 robots operating synchronously. The thing that impressed me the most was the short amount of time in which ACG was able to churn out thousands of lines of code. The extra effort required at your end to develop an off-line version of the software allowed us to detect gaps and simulate the system while it was being built. The software developed was modular and object-oriented, and easily conformed to several design changes."Ravi Tolani, Software Manager, Hutchinson Technologies

orange boxSchlage Lock Co "We purchased 6 licenses from ACG for the Hyper-point Polishing Module. We have been using the software system successfully to rapidly teach polishing sequences for a variety of trim parts to include levers, knobs and escutcheons. The recent update, with offline simulation further enhances an already excellent product by providing the capability to readily edit and replay path features. We can now splice entire path sequences in either forward or reverse order. These features have dramatically reduced the time required to teach polishing sequences They are particularly valuable in editing programs to adjust for part variation." [More] Tim Wilson, Project Manager, Schlage Lock Company

orange boxOntrak Systems "OnTrak Systems integrated a robot into its new product design. OnTrak contracted ACG to design the software to control the robot used in this new product. Due to the effort of ACG this software was designed on time. The product performed flawlessly which was mainly due to the robotic software that ACG provided. As the Software Manager on this project, I would like to thank ACG for a job well done." Gary Richards, Software Manager, ONTRAK Systems

orange boxWarner Robins Air Force Base " ACG's development has been a critical part of our success. They have demonstrated outstanding dedication by working through weekends and the Christmas and New Years holidays. Francis and the ACG team quickly developed solutions to our complex applications with minimal guidance." [More] Doug Danielson, Robotics Task Leader,  WRAFB
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