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Applications of Soft Chips Technology for Enterprise Software
Soft Chips Development Framework concept and prototype Web Page and White Paper

Automatic Java Byte code to C conversion utility 

Web Page

Automatic Java Byte code (Java Classes)  to Windows COM objects

Web Page

Email based thin client devices for intermittent connectivity situations

Tech Paper  and  Slides


Embedded Software Development for USAF (Unclassified)

Rapid Prototyping of Robotic Systems for Small Batch Manufacturing

Tech Paper  and  Video

Rapid Prototyping of Adaptive Robotic Systems Technical Paper  

Tech Paper


Permitted Disclosures of solutions licensed to IBM et al. 

Laser guided robot motion control for sputter machine loading at IBM.

Web Page

Automated polishing of levers at Schlage Lock.

Web Page

Automated paint stripping at Warner Robins AFB.

Web Page

Advanced Tele-robotic interface with real time joystick control.

Web Page

Real time contour following for seam welding.

Web Page

General purpose flaw detection software finds cracks in turbine parts.

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ACG Non Disclosure Agreements Unilateral Mutual 

Unilateral  Mutual

<Real time Path Modification>
<F-18 Paint Stripping Warner Robins>
<IBM Sputter Machine Loader>
<Xray Aircraft parts Inspection>
<Telerobotic Simulator>
<RTOS Development Environment>