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. Permitted disclosures are representative of other application specific solutions, we have developed.
. Industrial Robot programming products have been acquired by Adept Technology [Press Release].
. Representative Contracts from United States Government : YouTube Video  (10:00 min).   
jointly developed the laser guided robotic loading system to load disk drive platters onto Ulvac sputtering machines. IBM required the system to be agile: changeover was to be completed in minutes. The software was originally written for the 65 mm disks. It used to take a day to effect changeovers to 95 mm disks or 34mm disks. Now it is accomplished in less than one hour. A simulation environment with dynamic motion planning and automatic program generation accelerated robust code development. [More]
Abbott Laboratories contracted with ACG to develop software for a vision based programmable part feeder. Vision based tracking software enables the robot to rapidly acquire the part from a moving conveyor. Vision was also used for dimension inspection. The vision software was tightly integrated with motion servo control to attain high speed tracking. Software for the rapid eye-hand coordination was first tested extensively in a custom offline simulation environment. [Similar Project]
Adept Technology purchased an offline programming environment from ACG. It has been integrated with tools to enable rapid prototyping of code that manages the control and coordination of multiple devices: robots, feeders, vision systems. The programming environment includes off line and on line components to talk to virtual or real robots. [Press Release]

Babcock and Wilcox contracted with ACG to develop software that coordinates motion between a robot and a servo positioning system by automatically generating the interpolated points needed by the linear track and the robot mounted on it to stay "in synch". A interpolation engine was developed and tested in simulation before deployment. [More]
Hutchinson Technology required the control software for a 6 robot distributed control system to written and tested while the machine was built.   The machine was being built at Hutchinson at the same time that code was being written for it. Since ACG could not have accurate data on the mechanical behavior of the system, the software was developed to run virtual robots in a simulation system built specifically for the customer. The simulation system subsequently became the supervisory controller for the "real" robots.  The entire system was simulated, tested and deployed in 90 days. [Related Technology]

Schlage Lock Co. is polishing door handle levers and knobs with prototyping software developed by ACG. A custom rapid programming module and simulation system was developed to rapidly generate robot trajectory point and test the motion through robot animation sequences. Teaching a new door handle profile is now accomplished in one hour with this automated programming system. It used to take weeks. [More]

Warner Robins AFB. An autonomous robotic system is stripping paint off and performing Non Destructive Inspection on the skin of F-18 Fighter aircraft. The U.S. Air Force required a control system to rapidly teach complex trajectories required of a robot, equipped with paint stripping blast nozzle, when stripping paint off F-18 fighter aircraft. The control software allows the operator to dynamically modify process parameters such as strip rate. Automated generation of the trajectories of motion significantly reduces the time and costs associated with robot programming. ACG developed a simulation and path planning algorithm to drive robot motion directly from a CAD model of the aircraft. However, the aircraft skin geometry deviates from the CAD models requiring  sensor driven real time path modification.  [More

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