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V+ for Windows, Developed for Adept

V+ Development environment for Adept Robots. 

Acquired and integrated into Adept's Product line. family. Rapid Program Development Environment includes:

·        Automatic syntax checking
·        Automatic keyword completion
·        Dynamic call tree and caller tree generation
·        Integrated file management and version control
·        Software modules knowledge base management
·        Rapid programming templates and wizard support
·        Drive simulation environment with virtual robots 
·        On line communications support to real robots.
·        Robot motion performance monitoring & analysis.

DETROIT, Cobo Hall, Robots & Vision Show, 1998

Adept Technology, Inc., a world leader in the factory automation industry, today announced with Advanced Cybernetics Group (ACG) a software development agreement that will greatly increase software applications and utilities for the Adept MV Controller. Under the terms of the agreement, Adept will utilize the resources and support services of ACG to create developmental software for Adept's operating system. The move signifies Adept's continued drive toward an open industrial controls solution.

The development of third party software for the Adept MV Controller allows manufacturers to fully capitalize on the strengthens of the Adept Programming environment and operating system. Adept Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Charlie Duncheon comments, "With over 10,000 installations, the V+ language and operating system is the choice of industrial manufacturers world wide. Adept actively supports and encourages the development of third party software products for Adept controllers. The developmental efforts of such partners as ACG benefit all V+ users by delivering increased functionality and tool sets for our robust MV Controllers."

Adept Technology, Inc. is America's largest manufacturer of industrial robots and a factory automation leader with more than 7000 systems installed worldwide. Annual revenues for the San Jose, California company exceed $35 million. Adept provides direct sales, service. and training in the U.S., Europe, and Japan and offers turn-key flexible automation systems through specialized automation engineering companies throughout the world.