Wireless for the Outdoor Enterprise TM
  DHS Border Security Vehicle with Mobile Mesh Node military defense and public safey with mesh networks, Iraq Networking Construction and Escavating Machinery, Australia Mine Quad Root Downlink for Temporay and Tactical Networks, Emergency Response mesh node on solar panel trailer, Australia Mine Click for Larger Picture Single Radio Edge/Mesh  Node (click for more) 
  Video Surveillance Mesh Networks multi hop mesh installation in underground mine Ballon Based Video Surveillance (military) Mobility mesh node on  transport vehicle Hastily Formed Networks, Sporting Events smart-grid-solutions with multi-use mesh  
MeshDynamics' Third Generation Performance Is Scalable  
MeshDynamics patented 3rd Generation MeshTM products are scalable - they continue to deliver as your outdoor wireless network demands grow. They are the vendor of choice in Military and Mining. 
MeshDynamics is chosen by Defense and Homeland Security Agencies in US, UK and Canada to provide mission critical video surveillance and perimeter security. These include national borders.   
1000+ nodes are active in surface and underground mining sites in Africa, Australia, China, Canada and the US. MeshDynamics provides mission critical VOIP communications in tunnels 56+ hops deep. 
This level of robust scalability remains unmatched.  

What makes MeshDynamics Mesh Networking Different ?
Inside the box, Wireless Mesh Networking products use similar, often identical, hardware.
MeshDynamics Third Generation Scalable mesh networking sets us apart.  YouTube Video