Wireless for the Outdoor Enterprise  
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Scalable Mesh Network Performance - Validated by the US Government.   

Meshdynamics industrial mesh routers delivers glitch free, Video, Voice and real time streaming -- long after competing mesh architectures and products run out of steam.

Defense and Homeland Security in US, UK and Canada use our routers for video perimeter surveillance at strategic borders. 
Thousands of  mobile and static nodes provide critical voice and machine communications in mining tunnels - 64+ hops deep. 

This level of scalable real time multi-hop performance -- confirmed by U.S. Military field tests  -- remains unmatched.

Our Unique Value Proposition for OEMs and Connected Product Developers (e.g. IOT) 

Our 20 year expertise includes patented multi-radio mesh networking and field proven modules for simulating and later porting the customized software to boards and radios of your choice  Unique value propositions for OEM products include no degradation in performance over many hops with full support for real time voice, video and sensor streams into large enterprise work flows. 

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