Wireless For The Outdoor EnterpriseTM  
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Our Expertise 

Meshdynamics' 20 year technology expertise is in mission critical, time sensitive, wireless mesh networking software and solutions, with substantial Intellectual Property. Unique value propositions include deterministic performance over many hops and resilient networking topologies. Our IoT solutions for the edge are disruption tolerant by design.

Our  IP licensees are large military system integrators and large connected device manufacturers. MeshSuiteTM
Our Proven Technology

Meshdynamics' mesh networking solutions deliver glitch free, time sensitive, video, voice and sensor streams -- long after competing single radio backhaul mesh architectures have run out of steam. Defense and Homeland Security in US, UK and Canada selected Meshdynamics mesh networking software to provide video surveillance at national borders. 300 nodes provide crucial communications inside a underground tunnel 64+ hops deep. This remains unmatched.

   Video Surveillance Mesh Networks Networking Construction and Escavating Machinery, Australia Mine Mine safety and mine communications with Mesh Networks Meshdynamics Mesh Node in Border Security Patrol Car Single Radio Edge/Mesh  Node (click for more)