MeshDynamics Structured MeshTM Product Family  

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The Structured MeshTM  Paradigm

Our nodes connect as logical branches of a tree. As in Nature, a tree based routing is scalable and time deterministic..
Tree networks are secure and self healing.  The loss or corruptions of one branch of the tree, does not cripple the tree.
The logical tree automatically supports simpler link topologies: Pont-to-Point and Point-to-Multiple-Points.

MeshDynamics Nodes connect as (re-configurable) branches of a tree. We automatically also support P-P and P-MP. 

The Modular MeshTM  Embodiments

The MD4000TM series supports up to 4 radios on a single board computer board. Examples: Laguna Ventana
The MD6000TM series supports up to 6 radios and is intended primarily for Defense, Public Safety and Government Use.

  MD4250 Two Radio   MD4350 Three Radio MD4488 Four Radio Two AP radios MD4454 Four Radio Four DownlinksMD4452 Four Radio Two Downlinks MD4455 Four Radio with Mobility Scanner

      Slot 0, &  Slot 1 (blue) links form up+dwn bridge on 5.8GHz, 4.9GHz, 900 MHz or 2.4Ghz bands.
      Slot 2 (pink) is generally used for a 2.4G or 4.9G Client Access Radio (Access Point or Hub) .
      Slot 3 may house another AP radio, another downlink or a dedicated scanning radio (mobile nodes)

Commonly Used Configurations

      MD4250 is used for remote video surveillance and perimeter security. 
      MD4350 is a popular configuration with one 2.4GHz Access Point radio for client service.
      MD4452 and MD4454 support two and four backhaul downlinks respectively.
      MD4458 support multiple service radios where high client density is anticipated. It supports 2 or 3 client AP radios.  
      MD4455 and MD4355 are mobile nodes, with a scanning radio in slot 3 to ensure rapid switch over during motion.
White Box Options

      White Box for 802.11abg radios: 04 antenna for either 4 radios 1X1 MIMO or 2 radios (4250 in 2 X 2) configurations.
      White Box for 802.11ac   radios: 15 antenna customizable prototypes for OEM software licensees and integrators.   

For more Information on the Modular MeshTM  Family and software Feature Set:  Multiple-Radio-Backhaul

Java Based Customizable Network Management System (NMS)

This Java based Network Management System (NMS) provides the ability to configure, monitor and analyze the MD4000 mesh network. MD4000 nodes appear as graphical widgets with multiple LED status indicators, allowing point-and-click management. Source code is available for customization, branding and work flow integration. NMS Web Page  NMS API

MeshSuiteTM : Wireless Mesh Network Software Integrated into your products

Post 2014, we shifted our emphasis from building product to providing source code licenses and working primarily with OEMs, Embedded Software Developers, System Integrators, and major agencies to integrate our software into their devices and solutions.  To this end, MeshDynamics has created an open source based suite of software modules, source code included,  intended to be incorporated into "things": robot drone swarms, mesh nodes, Internet of Things hubs etc. We are now seeking partners ready to test this source code base  for a fit with their own offerings, just as organizations as diverse as Sharp, PGA Tour, mining OEMs, and the US Navy used the software currently and in the past.  MeshSuite Overview