The Meshdynamics Modular MeshTM Family  
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The Structured MeshTM Paradigm

Our wireless routers connect as logical branches of a tree. As in Nature, a tree based routing is scalable, efficient and self healing.  The loss or corruptions of one branch of the tree, does not cripple the tree. The wireless tree automatically supports simpler link topologies: Point-to-Point PP and Point-to-Multi-point P-MP  (below, left). We also support mobile and/or isolated networks through our patented P3M technology (below, right).

Our Nodes connect as branches of a tree. We support P-P and P-MP, (left) Mobility and temporal/isolated networks. (right)  

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The MD60000/ MD4000/ MD2000 Modular MeshTM  Embodiments  

  MD4250 Two Radio   MD4350 Three Radio MD4488 Four Radio Two AP radios MD4454 Four Radio Four DownlinksMD4452 Four Radio Two Downlinks MD4455 Four Radio with Mobility Scanner

Slot 0, &  Slot 1 (blue) links form up + down bridge on 5.8GHz, 4.9GHz, 900 MHz or 2.4Ghz bands.
Slot 2 (pink) is generally used for a 2.4G or 4.9G Client Access Radio (Access Point or Hub) .
Slot 3+ may house another AP radio, another downlink or a dedicated scanning radio (mobile nodes)

The MD6000TM series supports up to 6 radios typically 4 802.11ac radios and two slots for customer extensions. 
The MD4000TM series supports up to 4 radios on a single board computer board and  replaces legacy models.
The MD2000TM series supports up to 2 radios on a single board computer board. and replaces single radio models

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Java Based Customizable Network Management System (NMS)  
The Java based Network Management System (NMS) enables the user to  configure, monitor and analyze the MD4000 mesh network. MD4000 nodes appear as graphical widgets with multiple LED status indicators, allowing point-and-click management. Source code is available for customization, and work flow integration.

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MeshSuiteTM : Software Packages for OEMs and connected device developers.

Over the past decade, Meshdynamics has supplied customized versions of our mesh networking software to OEMs that include multiple military contractors, industrial mining solution providers and industrial network router manufacturers.

The core mesh software was ported to run on boards (processors) and radios of the customer's choosing. Meshdynamics system integrators, working directly with the OEM licensee, developed the finished product. The intellectual property and trade secrets related to their new or upgraded products was thus preserved.

Post 2014, Meshdynamics developed a generic, customizable suite of software modules to accelerate time to market for OEMS requiring wireless connectivity to be baked into their connected devices. The tools include simulation and test automation tools specific to mesh networking and working source code for exemplary board-radio ensembles. Licensing options include:

--  IP License: No source code - OpenWRT code base is not needed by you or your software developers.
--  MeshSuiteTM :OpenWRT source code for mesh enabling new IOT devices and their deployment/operation infrastructure.
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