Meshdynamics Exemplary Mesh Network Deployments  

Above, Left. Courtesy Sharp Electronics, Japan. (2015 source code licensee).         Please Click on Images or links for more

The Industrial Internet and Connected Machinery  The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is about industrial equipment becoming networked, demanding real-time wireless communications for M2M sensor streams and for real time video, voice and data. Our routers work in underground coal mines 64+ hops deep. Industrial Internet    Smart Multi-GridTM  Mining  

Video Surveillance for Homeland Security and Remote Communities High resolution video applications demand low latency and high date rates. Meshdynamics is chosen by Defense and Homeland Security Agencies in US, UK and Canada to provide mission critical video surveillance and perimeter security.  Exemplary Deployments:  DHS     Fresno    Meshdynamics YouTube Videos YouTube Page.

Hastily Formed Tactical networks (e.g. Emergency Response) Tactical Networks demand easy installation, low set up efforts and high data rates  over many wireless hops. Organizations responsible for outdoor racing and sporting events, selected us to provide high data rate video and data. The nodes "mesh" automatically  and with no prior set up surveys. It also requires fewer nodes and low bandwidth degradation.  Exemplary Deployments:     Tactical     Public Safety     Military 

Mobile Mesh Networks for Military and Defense In Iraq, vehicle mounted nodes demonstrated reliable connectivity between convoys in motion. Real time M2M communications systems operated flawlessly as vehicles moved through rugged terrain. Defense and homeland security programs active in US, UK, Canada, Israel  Exemplary Deployments: Military

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Ballon Based Video Surveillance (military) smart-grid-solutions with multi-use mesh Quad Root Downlink for Temporay and Tactical Networks, Emergency Response Single Radio Edge Node