Meshdynamics YouTube Videos and Training Slides 
01 MeshSuite Overview   to 5G and "Massive IoT" (Click on Icon for YouTube video)
Benefits of Licensing MeshSuite IP and reference source code (OpenWRT, Java)  for OEMs.
02 Wire-less Switch Stacks  Why our Structured MeshTM Paradigm is future-proof (Web Page)
Wired networks operate by splitting up the network into smaller, more manageable sub-networks (domains), each of which operate independently. Our multi-radio mesh routers emulate this. More
03  Dynamic Channel Management  Manages RF Interference Proactively. (Web Page)
All single radio mesh products perform poorly in multi-hop (node-to-node relay) environments. Our patented low latency multiple radio wireless mesh preserves performance over many hops.  More 

04  Network Design Layout Primer  (YouTube, 05 min)
An overview of how Meshdynamics simulation engines aid and verify network layout design including the placement of nodes, radio power and antenna requirements etc. See Also: MeshSuite 

05  Meshdynamics MD4000 Modular Mesh Overview (YouTube, 09 min)
Why Meshdynamics Third GenerationTM mesh networking products are selected to support demanding applications worldwide.  Mesh Network Overview   Layout Design
06 Mobile Mesh: Animation of merging, dispersing and re forming mesh (YouTube 03 min)
Animation of how Meshdynamics P3M software maintains connectivity in isolated clusters. Nodes periodically scan the RF space to merge with friendly nodes.   Press Release   P3M
07 Remote Wireless Video Surveillance - Application Notes (YouTube 07 min)
How Meshdynamics multiple downlinks services more cameras and provide more coverage than competing wireless mesh products. Includes network design tips.  Video Surveillance Slides
Private networks for Outdoor Mobile Machinery 08 Network Management System Quick Start (YouTube 08 min)
Instructions on configuring mesh node security and performance parameters through the Network Manager configuration dialogs. Includes setting security etc.  MD4000_NMS_User Guide 
09 Network Management System Training Tutorial  (YouTube 30 min)
Instructions on configuring mesh nodes starting with power up, connecting to the network, antenna selection, node configuration options etc    Network Manager NMS Training Slides
10 OEM-Customizable Java Network Management System API  (YouTube 03 min)
Intended for OEM customers and custom application development/extensions to the NMS. These include cloud management for mesh nodes, end devices and their agents.  NMS API 
11 Single Radio Mobile Edge Nodes for Uplink+ Downlink + Scanner (YouTube 03 min) 
The legacy MD1000 series single-radio software services the edge. It provides channel agile edge node connectivity for static & mobile scenarios. An OpenWRT version is available for OEMs.
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