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Section A.      Most Frequently Visited

A01. The Abstracted Network for IOT. A scalable, secure approach to managing edge devices (Industrial internet).   
A02. Net-Of-Things-Blog  Musings about a Nature based approach for IOT. Details here Evolutionary Wireless Networks.
A03. Rethinking Internet of Things - Collaboration Welcomed  - LinkedIn Posts see also LinkedIn

Section B.   User Guides Installation and Mesh Node configuration, NMS Manuals 
B01. MD4000  Product Brochure. MD4000 feature set, technical specifications and configuration options. Video 
B02. MD4000  Product Training Slides. Overview of Meshdynamics Product Family and Features. Video  
B03. MD4000  Product Warranty. For Modular Mesh embodiments and  EULA software license agreements.
B04. MD4000  Installation Guide. Guidelines on network deployment, antenna selection, range calculations etc. Video

B05. MD4000  NMS User Guide (101)   Version 10.1 Instructions on configuring security, VLANs, 802.11e settings. Video
B06  MD4000  NMS User Guide (110).  Version 11.0  for MIMO 80211abgn and 80211ac  
Section C.    For Systems Integrators: Network Layout Design, Best Practices.    
C01. System Integrator Check List & NMS Download. Antenna selection, range calculations etc. Video
C02. Mesh Network  Layout Design. Estimating range and throughput, Layout considerations.  Video  
C03. Dynamic Channel Management Overview of our Dynamic Channel Allocation Scheme.
C04. Backhaul Range   Access Point Range  and  Antenna Alignment. Range Calculation Related..    

C05. Mobility  P3M Manual  Mobile and Dynamic mesh formation, dispersal and coalescing. Animation
C06. Mobility  P3M Scan_Algo  User customizable Algorithm for parent selection using Scanner radio.

C07. Mesh Node  Maintenance. Step by step instructions on how diagnose and replace radio cards etc.
C08. Meshdynamics RF Editor  Utility to set custom channels, 4.9GHz channels, channel bonding (Military)  
C09. Meshdynamics  Best Practices. Expressly written for Meshdynamics System Integrators Video 

C10. MD4000  Mesh Commands  Command Line Interface to Mesh Control Layer for a/b/g radios 
C11. MD6000  Mesh Commands  Command Line Interface to Mesh Control Layer for a/b/g/n/ac radios
Section D.       Supported Radios and Enclosure Options for OEM licensees
D01. MD4000 Radio Wistron Specs     Wistron 400 mw 802.11 a/b/g Mini-PCI cards. 
D02. MD4000 04 Antenna Enclosures  Gateworks enclosure, four antennas, two Ethernet ports
D03. MD6000 Radio Compex Specs Compex  3 x 3 802.11ac/abgn MIMO radios. 
D04. MD6000 15 Antenna Prototypes   Modular family of customizable enclosures. Parts List, Dwgs.   

Section E.    Technical Publications, Article Reprints.  
E01. First, Second and Third Generation Mesh Networks  How Meshdynamics is different  Web Page
E02. Military Mesh Networks   Overview of MD4000 nodes' Hybrid and P3M capabilities. Web Page
E03. Miners give a nod to Nodes. Reprint from Mission Critical Magazine July 2008.  Web Page
E04. Smart Multi-GridTM Mesh Network: supports smart grid/AMR, internet access and traffic safety. Web Page
E05. Hybrid Mesh Networks for Force Protection  Incorporating 1-radio portable nodes in Structured MeshTM framework 
E06. VOIP and VIDEO on a City wide scale Meshdynamics patented VOIP Concatenation Engine explained.
E07. VLAN and Security Primer  Generic 802.11a/b/g Security Tutorial including WPA, AES based encryption.
E08. Wireless Mesh Networking - The Third Generation. Reprint from IT Magazine, March 2008. 
E09. Disruption Tolerant Mesh Networks Machine controllers, in mesh nodes, maintain system performance.
Section F.     Network Performance Analysis, Verification, Mobility Field Test Results    
F01. USAF Performance Validations. Documented validation of minimal performance degradation over multiple hops. 
F02. USAF Performance Analysis. Technical study comparing First, Second and Third Generation Mesh Networks. 
F03. High Speed Mobility Field Test-1  Video tapes of glitch free video transmission over 4 hops, traveling at 50+ mph.
F04. High Speed Mobility Field Test-2  Video feed from one vehicle to another, both connected to the mesh network

Section G.    Certifications and Validations:  Certifications and US Govt. Sponsored Studies.
G01. Joint Warning And Reporting Network (JWARN). Capabilities Analysis of 100+ mesh vendors by Battelle Institute
G02. Ph.D Thesis Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) published study of Meshdynamics performance in Thailand tests.
G03. Spectralink VOIP Certification Test results indicating a record of 12 VOIP clients per AP radio (802.11g).
G04. FIPS 140-2 NIST Certification  NIST FIPS 140-2 certification documents (Military security requirements). 
G05. FCC, ETSI, ECCN Certifications R6618 R6618C R6619 R6619C R6620 R6621-DTS L6624  ECCN
G06. Meshdynamics Patent Portfolio List of patents covering Structured Mesh and Chirp Networks (IoT)

Section H.     Industrial Internet of Things posts on  SlideShare  Net-of-Things-Blog Rethinking-IOT-Book

H01. The Abstracted Network for Enterprises and the Internet of Things. (Web page)
H02. The Abstracted Network for Enterprises and the Internet of Things. (Japanese Translation)
H03. Meshdynamics Disruption Tolerant Networks   Propagators for scalable secure Industrial Internet.

H04  Rethinking The Internet of Things-Blog  Blog Posts 2012 - 2014 Transcript
H05. Rethinking The Internet of Things-A scalable Approach to Connecting Everything-Book. PDF

H06. Small Dumb Cheap Copious - The Future of the Internet of Things. IIC Paper submission. . .
H07. Scalable Internet of Things Conference Presentation 
H08. Industrial Internet Solution and Challenges, Intel Key Note Presentation
H09. Open Source For Self Classification of Data Stream in the Industrial Internet Of Things - Slides.
H10  DZone Guide to Internet of Things, Vol III, July 2016. Enterprise Class Industrial Mesh Networks

Section I.     Meshdynamics MeshSuiteTM Source Code Licenses for OEMs.  MeshSuite

I01.  MeshSuiteTM  Introduction. Accelerated time to market for IOT developers and OEMs 
I02.  Mesh Suite Confluence Page (How to articles on Mesh Suite Modules)
I03.  MAC80211_DesignDocs. Base Draft on feature set supported on Linux OpenWRT. Addendum
I04.  Real Time Pub/Sub Objectives Overview of real time topic based Pub/Sub for Apps on Nodes. 
I05.  Network Simulator User Guide  For network design verification. See Also Network Design Layout Primer  
I06.  MD6000 Mesh Commands Command Line Interface to MeshControlTM  for radios

Section J.     Meshdynamics Intellectual Property Portfolio
J01. Issued 09.02.2008 US 7,420,952 High Performance Wireless Networks Using Distributed..  Mother Patent
J02. Issued 09.01.2009 US 7,583,648 Managing Jitter and Latency in Wireless LANs Real time Terse messaging.
J03. Issued 02.08.2011 US 7,885,243 High Performance Wireless Networks Distributed Control  Mother - Cont
J04. Issued 02.22.2011 US 7,894,385 Mobility Extensions for Wireless Multiple Radio Mesh see P3M
J05. Issued 06.11.2013 US 8,462,747 High Performance Mesh Networks- Switch Stack Paradigm Tree networks
J06. Issued 07.02.2013 US 8,477,762 Self Forming VoIP Networks Disruption tolerant network services for Voice
J07. Issued 08.20.2013 US 8,514,852 Real Time Packet Transforms To Avoid Re-Transmissions For Video
J08. Issued 08.27.2013 US 8,520,691 Persistent Mesh for Isolated, Mobile and Temporal.. see P3M
J09. Issued 12.30.2014 US 8,923,186 Chirp Networks Logical radios and bridging for IOT
J10. Issued 03.10.2015 US 8,976,733 Persistent Mesh for Isolated, Mobile. Disruption tolerant, self healing.
J11  Issued 04.28.2015 US 9,019,956 Self Forming VoIP Networks Disruption tolerant network services
J12. Issued 06.02.2015 US 9,049,000 Real Time Packet Transforms To Avoid Re-Transmissions  For Video
J13. Issued 10.27.2015 US 9,127,738 Collaborative Logistics Ecosystem: Dynamic Scheduling over thin pipes
J14. Issued 02.09.2016 US 9,258,765 Chirp Networks Logical radios and time sensitive networks for IOT
J15. Issued 06.07.2016 US 9,363,651 Chirp Networks Real time mesh networks for M2M and Industrial Internet
J16. Issued 08.07.2017 US 9,730,100 Terse Message Networks Real time, M2M communications network.
J17. Issued 11.14.2017 US 9,819,747 Chirp Networks Real time publish-subscribe for terse M2M messaging

JP1 Filed. 10.10.2017  20180049101  Chirp Networks Continuation, Nature based network survival strategies.
JP2.Filed. 02.28.2018  US15753916   Evolutionary Wireless Networks Fast Topology reforming, look ahead simulator.

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