GPS Extension to MD4000 Models
MD4000 mesh nodes may be equipped with a GPS receiver. The GPS information is integrated into the Network Management System (NMS).  The administrator downloads a map of the geographical area of the mesh deployment into the NMS.  The mesh-node icons of the GPS-enabled MD4000s will move in real-time on the downloaded map. The NMS will ensure that the map image is moved or replaced with another map image so that the mesh node location is accurately positioned against the background map image. 
The location of Mobile Mesh Nodes equipped with GPS will be automatically updated with each heart beat, see NMS Tracking Video
Maps are downloaded from or supplied in the standard format used by all map suppliers. Online downloads and map pane updates from is also supported.
The Meshdynamics mesh node enclosure is fitted with four N-connector (female) antenna ports.  For the three-radio configurations of the MD4000, one of these antenna ports goes unused by a radio card. This unused port is used for a GPS antenna.  In four-radio versions of the MD4000, all N-connector antenna ports are used by radio cards.  In this case, a hole is drilled in the housing and a SMA-to-U.Fl pigtail to connect to the GPS device internally and provide a external connection to the GPS antenna (below)